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Managing new challenges

The ever-evolving economical landscape puts the inland shipping industry to stand new challenges. Faster, cheaper and more reliable. Customers are more demanding than ever.


The VeMaSys software suite is a precursor that combines business knowledge and technical innovation to enable our customers to cope with and even surpass the demands of their customers. All processes are built brick-by-brick to create a coherent fluent multi-tier user experience. Each role within the VeMaSys process management tool is build-to-fit as a glove. When captains receive the latest information on a route, maintenance status and logbook entries, maintenance personnel receives work orders and detailed instructions on maintenance tasks. This while ship owners or cooperatives that manage multiple vessel receive instant real-time reports on all the fleet activity, maintenance status and even profitability.

In addition to being, what soon will become an indispensible asset for the crew and management, the VeMaSys also offers a huge added value to the customer who receives accurate real-time information on the status of his shipment. Actually as if it were a plain DHL shipment, the VeMaSys software makes the complex processes and protocols of the inland shipping expedition simple straightforward and most of all, transparent for the customer.

The dawn of a new age for inland shipping

Inland waterway transport plays an important role for the transport of goods in Europe, it is characterized by its reliability, its low environmental impact and its major capacity for increased exploitation.

The VeMaSys software suite finds it roots in well-proven global industrial standards. Based

upon best practices used in several extremely demanding billion-dollar industries, our solution is ready to face todays and tomorrows demand for professionalization auditing and control. VeMaSys contains a wealth of know-how, gained from other sectors and industries that have highly evolved throughout the economical changing landscape. Today this know-how is made available for the inland shipping industry, by the means of a straightforward, user-friendly online software suite that will increase day-to-day efficiency and improve the customer satisfactory and overall process maturity level of your company.

In addition to the technical expertise, the engineers and architects of VeMaSys understand the business needs and what drives the industry forward.

All systems, procedures and interfaces are designed with the operational reality in mind, challenged and driven by the needs and demands from the customers and the industry.



Tony Ameryckx - CEO


“Being at the dawn of this new inland shipping management system has been as enriching and inspiring as it is challenging and rewarding. Our team has never been more motivated to make a difference!“

Tamara Poppe - Ondernemende vrouw op MS Avanium


"VeMaSys would greatly reduce my administrative work, with just a few clicks. That way I can spend more time on household and other tasks."

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