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Meet the new way of managing your vessel


The VeMaSys software suite is a precursor that combines business knowledge and technical innovation to enable our customers to cope with and even surpass the demands of their customers. All processes are built brick-by-brick to create a coherent fluent multi-tier user experience. Each role within the VeMaSys process management tool is build-to-fit as a glove. When captains receive the latest information on a route, maintenance status and logbook entries, maintenance personnel receives work orders and detailed instructions on maintenance tasks. This while ship owners or cooperatives that manage multiple vessel receive instant real-time reports on all the fleet activity, maintenance status and even profitability. Read more...

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Those who have a pilot login, can proceed here to the live environment and starting managing there vessel or fleet.

The VeMaSys vessel module is currently in the last stage of testing. Those who are not part of the test group. Please contact us for more information.

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